Basenji Companions

Basenji Companion Dog Group

Companions for Basenji Dogs – Who Are We?

Companions for Basenji Dogs – Who Are We? Basenji Companions were Founded in April 1997, they are a club devoted to Basenjis pets as well as Basenji-mixed-breeds, and loving pet owners of Basenji dogs. This organization provides a loyal community of love, support and care for Basenjis and their humans.

Two Basenji Dogs Face Off - Am I Really a Blond?

Two Basenji Dogs Face Off – Am I Really a Blond?

They share information about a myriad of Basenji knowledge including but not limited to the challenges of owning, from nurturing, dog training, safety, their history and the love of the Basenji dog.

You’ll find support from Basenji owners and friends, education, and help for Basenjis who have fallen on hard maybe taken a turn for the worst.

Basenji Companions at the time of this article is in fact one of the largest Basenji organizations who are indefinitely dedicated to Basenji owners and Basenji-mixed-breeds on the planet. Members mainly reside in the USA, then as the secondary majority, from Canada, including  several other countries, and of course, from  inside the Congo!

Basenji Companions

More Basenji Companion Links and Information can be found on this page at Wikipedia too. Unless you want to skip the companion stuff and hustle on over to learn a crazy awesome fun cat about the Basenji dog breed, and its fierce bark, then follow me over here and CHECK THIS OUT!

Basenjis Dog

Basenji Companion Groups



Basenji Dogs are a pretty interesting dog breed. Did you know that they don’t bark? (Awe, no “woof-woof”?) imagine my neighbors delight had I gotten one of these Lil-fellas, huh? They don’t yelp either. No bark, no yelp, just YODEL! They yodel. Basenji dogs yodel their hearts out. Maybe they think its a bark, but who are they kidding, its a yodel right?

The dog is a breed of hunting dog mostly classified in the hound group, and more precisely to the Sighthound class Sighthounds hunt by speed and sight as well as scent. They have similar traits to many Pariah dogs. Instead of barking, this unique and wonderful hunter sounds of with a grand old yodel as if from the Swiss Apps himself. The Yodeling sound is affected by a differently shaped larynx.  The yodel is commonly called a Barroo while giving the dog the moniker of the “barkless dog”.

Along with other Pariah, this yodeler pup come into heat once a year, whereas other dogs may come available two or more time to conceive. They don’t have a distinct smell, and are likely to howl, yodel or barroo instead of barking, as well as make other noises uncommon in most other breeds of domesticated dogs. It is suggested this is because that the barkers must have been breed out because it could compromise the whereabouts of their owner’s camp inside forests of great density.

The original  breed hails from…. READ MORE

Open it Up! Its All about the Basenjis!

The reviewers even gave me 5 Stars!

Basenji is Getting Ready to Yodel - A Hee Who?

Basenji is Getting Ready to Yodel – A Hee Who?

Basenji Companions Information can be located here. If you have a wikipedia account we could sure use a backlink on the Basenji page to this Awesome Basenji Companion page we just created. – Pre-Thanks!

21 Crazy German Shepherd Facts

21 Crazy German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Fact #1
Did you know that this German Shepherd Fact? The German Shepherd was nicknamed the acronym “GSD” so it wouldn’t be confused with a shepherd from Germany? What’s next, sliced bread?

German Shepherd Fact #2
Schutzhund” is a sport originating not too-too long ago, back in the 1990s specifically for the GSD. It was designed to test the natural instincts of the dog, while weeding out the less or more complicated dogs to train.

German Shepherd Dog Playing

German Shepherds make me smile., just look at that face!

German Shepherd Fact #3
German Shepherds are the second most registered domesticated dogs in the USD after the Golden Retriever. (“Ruffly” about 3.5 million of the wonderfully brilliant protectors are among us today.) Can you say “Awesome”?

German Shepherd Fact #4
Strong heart used to be a dog-star who was showing all fours off in six different movies. You can visit his own Star in fact on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

German Shepherd Fact #5
Chips was a mixed-breed GSD that was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart and the Silver Star for his bravery in WWII.

German Shepherd Fact #6
The first German Shepherd killed in war was named Keiser. He served in Vietnam and died during battle, licking his owners hand.

German Shepherd Fact #7
The 13th Club is a German Shepherd senior club of 12 years and older. Pet parents can join and receive a certificate, as well as find online dog sources and information about the GSD.

German Shepherd Fact #8
250,000 purebred German Shepherds are known domesticated in Germany along with oh, 15,000 brand new happy puppies born annually.

German Shepherd Fact #9
Even though so popular for domestic dog breed lovers, the German Shepherd has only won the Best in Show title at Westminster Dog Show one time in 1987 And that was like when Miami Vice was in its prime! Queue theme song.

German Shepherd Fact #10
The Shepherd Dog is the third most intelligent after the border collie and poodle. Never say never!

German Shepherd Fact #11
Humans (that’s you and me) have about 86 pounds of pressure when we bite down on a juicy steak (or carrot, for those of you who. . .) But a GSD bite has 238 pounds of force! I say, give the dog a bone!

German Shepherd Fact #12
After only five repetitions it is said that these smart pups can learn simple tasks and retain them for life as long as practiced now and again.

German Shepherd Fact #13
These German Shepherd dogs obey their first command about 95 percent of the time.

German Shepherd Fact #14
In Switzerland during the 1920s GSDs were the formal guide dogs.

German Shepherd Fact #15
“Panda” when speaking of the GSD is a known coloration for the doggies. Cute, eh?

German Shepherd Fact #16
Captain was a GSD who was so heartbroken after the death of his owner that for six years he would walk to have a sit by is grave.

German Shepherd Fact #17
Going to the Dogs is a play in the mid 80s. It featured six German Shepherds, who all took dog-drama lessons in of course the city of Amsterdam.

German Shepherd Fact #18
When writing this there were “RUFFLY” 600 million German Shepherd Dog Videos.

German Shepherd Fact #19
A German Shepherd named NEMO served in the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, he took a bullet in the ol’ eyeball. (Ouch) but was still able to attack the enemy giving his handler time to escape.

German Shepherd Fact #19
German Shepherd Rescue Dogs were some of the “first-responders” on the sight of 9/11. They searched for survivors as well as offered and gave comfort to people in need.

German Shepherd Fact #20
Way back in the year 1899, the German Shepherd is considered to be relatively new in the world of canines. The GSD was “founded” by Captain Max Von Stephanitz .

German Shepherd Fact #21
Did you know if you were to follow this link right here: German Shepherd Puppy Stuff you will learn all you need to know about GSDs for all the reasons you may want to know? Its true, so check it out Today- Download Your New *Free* “New Dog Training Jump Start Guide” .

Learn More New Puppy Stuff Here

39 Weird Awesome Dog Facts

39 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

Awesome Dog Fact #1

Basenji dogs have an awesome dog fact. Did you know Basenji dogs are not from Switzerland? True, but they Sure Can Yodel like its nobody’s business! Here at, we welcome a good “Yodeler” no matter where from! Bad dog yodelers too darn-it. This handsome Basenji, his name is “Tom” apparently hails from the Congo. That being noted; I wonder if it gives monkeys free or paid-for rides when there’s not enough vine to swing from? I hear traffic can be brutal during feeding hour.

Basenji Dogs - Not From Switzerland, But They Sure Can Yodel

Basenji, “Tom” is my name. I say “Barking is for Non-Yodelers!” Period.

NOTE: Hi READER! and thank you for taking a look. I know I don’t have ALL the Basenji Info you really want written on this page yet. This is going to be a huge post too. 39 different factoids – Imagine it. Also, I have to let you know I’m not trying to trick you into buying a book so I can make a measly $00.50. I SWEAR! However until I finish this post I wanted to offer you more information. You can actually read a lot of the Basenji Bio on this PREVIEW feature Amazon gives you for free. Simply click the preview button below and read it till your heart’s content. To all the Basenji Dog Lovers out there. Thank you for coming buy today and please with no hesitation comment here, or add your Basenji photo right now. Enjoy!

PS. I did begin writing the Basenji Bio page – again not done. But just in case feel free to peruse it and add your comments, photos and wonderful Basenji stuff at anytime. Today for instance 🙂 (wink wink)

Awesome Dog Fact #2

“Poop North Young Pup”

Awesome dog factoid #2 and Cow factoid (apparently) Check it: Did you know that when cows are roaming their pastures too far from home, that when it turns to “stand time” (aka- bedtime for you and me) all of the cows in a herd will at some point stop, feel the vibes, turn to and fro (similar to an old radio knob, with bad reception) in order to face north head first? Then it’s off to la la land until they awake again at the rooster’s crowing. It’s odd to experience especially whence you drive in farmland and see this repeatedly across the county. Eery-Stuff.

Awesome Dog Fact Poop Facing North

Fine. Which Way’s North?

Turns out, they turn for lights out so when they wake up, they will know which way home is. – See? Awesome Cow Fact.  This is a similar in fashion to which dogs prefer to poop. They circle and circle, round and round until WAIT, nope, once more – and – yep, got it – the “northern vibe” I’m now facing it. “It’s time to let it rip” and Voila’ plop goes the feces.

Trouble is though, when they are under those big cross country wires that go for miles and miles between skyscraping metal towers.  They just can’t seem to find their “inner-compass” Could you imagine the wretched nightmares those cows must have facing south?


Awesome Dog Fact #3


Awesome Dog Fact #3

Awesome Dog Fact #4

Awesome Dog Fact #5

Awesome Dog Fact #6

Awesome Dog Fact #7

Awesome Dog Fact #8

39 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts maybe you should know, maybe you shouldn’t know. Check these dog facts out below and by all means (socially speaking) share them with a friend today. We can certainly use the visitors, the referrals, the friends, the camaraderie as a whole, if not in part. And its not a big secret that we are broke bloggers, lovers of dogs, and did i mention we were broke? So, if you learn something here, find it interesting – even boring, please share and share alike.  Thing is, we’re new at this dog shee-yeet. I mean. Dog facts.  Speaking of Dog poop,did you know….(dog fact)

49 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

49 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

49 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

You said it at Reddit

Yodel Me This Basenji Dogs

Yodel Me This Basenji Dogs

Sunflower Seeds for Dogs Recipe

Sunflower Seeds for Dog Treat Recipe.

Sunflower Seeds for Dogs

Sunflower Seeds for Dogs (humans, and aliens alike)

umm…. – YUM! ….

Sunflower Seeds for Dogs: You are going to love this one when you share it with “REX?” or, your dog and family if it applies. These are great tasting human treats too. I am telling you. You must try them, because this delicious nutritious sunflower seeds for Dog Treats Recipe includes our F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E. . .Yup! you guessed it, “Bad Fish”. Nah, Peanut Butter. And you can use either a vet-checked-approved-store-bought-peanut butter brand) or you can go here to make it SUPER HEALTHY and TASTIER and make your own Homemade Peanut Butter For Dogs.

How long does it take you to make your own?

I hear your concern. I gotcha covered here:

Regarding Your Sunflower Seeds for Dogs, the Homemade Peanut Butter – Part: Sure, so timewise it can take anywhere from 60 minutes to [159 minutes and 7.5 seconds] depending on your DAR] A.K.A. “Dribble-Attrition Rate”, enthusiasm, your nut-allergies! (can’t forget about those poor folks huh?) also depends on your disposition, everything going cool with you? Great. So not too long, besides, you can automatically receive the benefit of spending more quality bonding and mutual appreciation time with your favorite-four-legger too.

Show the love, live the love right? That is you could do this, achieve canine bonding alchemy, and make your own homemade peanut butter for dogs, as long as your ability to follow directions are still in tact,(kidding more) you have some level of attention to detail, your multi-tasking-capabilities, and if you feel like really treating your dog Arnold”? to something special made with you heart,oven, time, and wallet. Not Arnold either? Shoot, sorry again, that also was a guess. Huh, Where would I get the name for a pet like “Arnold
“, any takers?

Bygones, any-who … tell me here if you could guess, where did you think I got the name Rex and Arnold. Please, I am baffled.

Moving on?

Right. The Recipe including Peanut Butter, Other-Seeds and Human Foods Safe for Dogs, and Sunflower Seeds for Dogs.

Okay so this wonderfully delicious peanut butter dog biscuit recipe is one of my favorite recipes. It is loaded with healthy ingredients that dogs love. The dogs love the nutty flavor of the peanut butter and sunflower seeds. There’s quite a few ingredients in this recipe but they are worth the time and effort. Give these doggie treats a try!

Trail Mix Dog Biscuits Recipe


1/2 Cup Shelled Sunflower Seeds
1/2 Cup Rolled Oats
1 Cup Rye Flour
1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 Cup Rolled Oats
1 Tablespoon Milled Flax Seed
1 Tablespoon Wheat Germ
1 Tablespoon Brewers Yeast
1/2 Cup of Your Homemade Peanut Butter for Dogs or (Vet-Checked=Brand)
1 Egg will do perfectly
1 Cup Luke Warm Water


1. Time for the big bowl. Take out your large mixing bowl and stretch those forearms, knuckles, crack your neck (if your stiff like me)then get busy mixing together all dry ingredients and put aside, while you check your heart rate (KIDDING) i am sure you are “Healthy as a Horse” I (horse prefer apples – APPARENTLY)

2. Now then: In a separate probably a smaller bowl, unless your kitchen cabinet “had twins” – Now mix up the wet stuff. Includes the homemade peanut butter for dogs, and your luke warm water ( easier to mix stuff up with).

Okay! Wait, What’s Next? Oh Yeah:

3. Next: Add your beautiful dead chicken egg and put it to its real purpose; “mix it up until the passion driven egg is well blended.

4. Add liquid mixture to dry ingredients and mix until a stiff dough forms. Place on floured surface and roll to about 3/8″ thickness. Cut into desired shapes.

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes or until treats begin to brown.

Want a Hot Tip? (leave your fork in there) DON’T! bad joke. Do Not.

Here is your ACTUAL Hot TIP:

After shutting off your awesome sunflower seed cooking oven you can leave the sunflower seed dog treats / biscuits in the oven for oh, say a 120 minutes (2 hrs) but to ensure these hardy dog treats are completely dry and crunchy.

Then of course they can be stored for a long time without worrying about spoilage.

Now then, You see, like i have been saying, we are ALWAYS-ALWAYS-ALWAYS thinking about how we can. . .”Serve You”

Honestly, it sure doesn’t hurt to write a quick comment either. Backlinks welcome after approved! So COME-ON. Talk to me dog lover. What do you GOT, for me today?

Sunflower Seeds for Dogs – I want some now. BRB

Sunflower Seeds for Dog Recipe. Puppies too. Any Dangers? Well from dogpictures

Puppy Teething and Nipping – American Kennel Club

Puppy Teething and Nipping – American Kennel Club


Puppy Teething and Nipping – American Kennel Club offers information on dog breeds, dog ownership, dog training, health, nutrition, exercise & grooming, registering your dog, AKC competition events and affiliated clubs to help you discover more things to enjoy with your dog.

Source: Puppy Teething and Nipping – American Kennel Club

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Puppy Teething and Nipping

Puppy Teething Chew Toys

Puppy Teething Solutions

Puppy Teething

(still building…EVERYTHING) Tell us what you want to see here!

Puppy Teething Information for you the New Puppy Parent. Puppy teeth are particularly sharp and erupt from the gums in the jaw in a predictable timeline, referred to as puppy teething. Practically with no exception, like a lot of human babies, puppies are born without teeth. Milk teeth begin to appear when your puppy turns the ripe young age of just three weeks. When your puppy becomes six to eight weeks young, your new cute happy loveable puppy will have a full set of 28 baby teeth. Now when your puppy is teething, poor thing, he or she may target all kinds of weird or unlikely teething relief tools.

Puppy Teething Chew Toys

Personally when I come to think of it, in all my recollection, years of training, owning, caring and loving 1000 puppies if not tent times that, I have never been surprised with when a new puppy either finds something and then I hear her gnawing away on my boots, or when she shows up with some new unexpected object to teeth and gnaw and chew to relieve the discomfort she surely will. Of course, my only worry would be as a new puppy owner that if your puppy teething days never come to path. Puppies and Dogs alike are here to Chew Stuff after all – I mean ever take a close look at your dog’s Choppers? I say Chew Away Francis, Their only My Pant-ses)

Puppy Teething Solutions

A puppy’s age can be estimated by which teeth have erupted. While it can vary somewhat between breeds, here is the progression you can expect as your puppy develops new teeth:

The new puppy’s incisors are the first to appear at about two to three weeks of age. Puppies have six incisors on both the top and bottom jaw at the front of the mouth.
Four needle-like canines appear at age four weeks and frame the incisors, one on each side, top and bottom.

Biting and Nipping Biting and Nipping, Not Licking or Kissing | Why Not?


Biting and Nipping, Not Licking or Kissing | Why Not?

8 Simple Steps to Finally Nip Biting in the Bud


Biting and Nipping – What to Do?  “Oh-My”

Biting and Nipping Puppies and Dogs, a long tail turned short tail of how to nip biting and nipping in the bud. Biting and Nipping Oh My Oh Why? Kicks was a furry bundle of joy, albeit already fully grown, I enjoy referring to him that way. Kicks, was an Australian Shepherd, smart as a whip, and full of energy. Also loved nipping and biting -apparently- too much. My friend’s friend that needed to give him up neglected to inform me about his nipping problem. All he had told us when I took ownership was that he was moving out of country, Kicks was high-energy and needed a loving home.

Right away, I realized Kicks would snap and attempt to nip the hands and feet of my friends, and me. He was not clamping into a full bite, but leaving bruises and abrasions. We knew this was a serious problem that needed to be correctly handled before it escalated.

The owner was instructed to follow the steps below to stop the nipping and biting:


• A simple Solution is to have a time-out place. In the Time-Out Area, always have water, but do not have your dog’s toys, mat, or any favorite things in there. Once any panting stops wait another 5 to 10 minutes, and you can release your dog back to where you both were. Again, do not hit or scream at a Nipping Puppy. This will cause more damage long term than any possible short-term results you are seeking. [Use a Tie Back or short leash to confine him]

• Chew toys, in abundance! Be sure to have plenty of chew toys around in case she tires of her favorite.

• First step is to tie back your dog with a leash behind a gated area.

• Keep him happy by playing with him. Praise for good behavior and say “YIPE” when he nips.

• Incidentally the “YIPE” is to mimic the sound of a puppy in pain.

• Wait two minutes, then try, try again. He will get it. Have all family members practicing for about 4 minutes at a time. Have each of your family members act as the dogs master separately.

• Then ask some friends that your dog is not familiar to come over and help run the same scenarios.

• You can also use this method for stopping unwanted jumping, barking, and humping – well!

• If necessary, a muzzle can be used on your dog until he has learned that nipping will not be tolerated. This can be necessary in the short term until the problem is rectified.

After running through these exercises Kicks understood, his nipping was hurting his new master and his friends. Soon afterward, Kicks was able to play and become excited without nipping any persons hands, feet, or ankles. Luckily, nobody lost any flesh during this training and the Kicks and his new owner are able to venture out into public places while enjoying each other’s company.

Got Dog Obedience Training or Problem Behavior Issues?

Is your dog trying your patience on a daily basis? Are you constantly faced with a dog that displays one of the following issues? To find the solution to your problem click on it.. you’ll discover the answers to it and other common dog problems you may be facing.

• Aggression
• Barking
• Biting
• Chewing
• Digging
• Flatulence
• House Training
• Jumping
• Whining


Puppy Teething

Puppy teeth are particularly sharp and erupt from the gums in the jaw in a predictable timeline, referred to as puppy teething. Almost without exception, puppies are born without teeth. Deciduous teeth, or “milk teeth” begin to appear at about three weeks of age. By six to eight weeks of age, the puppy will have a full set of 28 baby teeth. During teething, your puppy may target all kinds of unexpected objects to gnaw and chew to relieve the discomfort. But most dogs never outgrow the urge to chew.

Puppy Teething Effects

A puppy’s age can be estimated by which teeth have erupted. While it can vary somewhat between breeds, here is the progression you can expect as your puppy develops new teeth:

  • The incisors are the first to appear at about two to three weeks of age. Puppies have six incisors on both the top and bottom jaw at the front of the mouth.
  • Four needle-like canines appear at age four weeks and frame the incisors, one on each side, top and bottom.

Biting and Nipping


Biting and Nipping is one thing, serious enough to find quick resolution for sure. When it comes to a puppy’s new puppy teeth (almost said baby-teeth – yes I am a kind gentle puppy loving man – You found me OUT) but when it comes the time for Puppy Teething is quite another. Painful at times for some unfortunate random pups.

Here are some Puppy Teething Things to know when you are bringing your new puppy home, their mouth, lips, gums, teeth and puppy teething expectations. You see its interesting that a puppy’s age can be estimated by which teeth have erupted. While it can vary somewhat between breeds, here is the progression you can expect as your puppy develops new teeth:

  • The incisors are the first to appear at about two to three weeks of age. Puppies have six incisors on both the top and bottom jaw at the front of the mouth.
  • Four needle-like canines appear at age four weeks and frame the incisors, one on each side, top and bottom.
  • Learn More Go to the New Puppy Teething Solutions Page Right Now – I’ll See You There!


This can be ONE of the most comprehensive book on dog training and behavior problems around. Best of all… You can soon download this book to your computer and be reading and using the professionals training techniques in minutes. But before we get ahead of ourselves all new puppy owners first need to read this incredible resource guide regarding All Puppy Training Stuff and the 14 Essentials Your Puppy Needs Now!

Biting and Nipping and New Puppy Training Stuff

Check it Out!

Simply Click On the Preview – And Watch The Magic Before You Open Up!




Green Apples for Dogs

Green Apples for Dogs

Green Apples for Dogs and Their Nutritional Values & Recipes

Green Apples for Dogs are one of the best human foods safe for dogs when it comes to attaining the much-needed nutritious values in your dog’s daily nutritional needs and diet daily nutritional needs and diet.

Green Apples for dogs are enriched with multiple vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats in each bite, for your dog that will help fend off disease while promoting good, happy health, along with daily walks, runs and fun under the sun. When considering a fruity snack to help train your dog new dog tricks, choose the apple for your dog knowing you are doing your best to increase your bond life experiences together and longevity. Green Apples for dogs, one of the best possible choices when it comes to human foods safe for dogs.

Green Apples and Human Foods Safe for Dogs | Green Apples for Dogs

Green Apples for dogs and red apples too, can be considered to be one of the most nutritious human foods safe for dogs bite for bite when it comes to choosing a fruit for your dog’s daily nutritional needs. With a myriad of much needed daily dog vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats in each bite, you can be certain this super sweet treat for your dog will not only combat against free radicals as they can in us humans, yet also keep your dog’s energy up and tail wagon, ready for your next trick.

Read New Dog Timesanswer to Can dogs eat human food? on Quora

The usual cautions are to be considered, in the amount of apple treats for your dogs, as they are primarily geared to digest a carnivorous diet. Be smart, sensible always, and simply go easy when treating your dog to apples, because just a few little treat size bites a day is all you too need to gain sufficient daily dog health benefits.

Green Apples for Dogs and Their Nutritional Values & Recipes Follow me Here: Human Foods Safe for Dogs

Green Apples for Dogs!

Can Green Apples for Dogs, Really Keep the Vet Away!

You’d be Surprised to Learn What I learned about Green Apples for Dogs

Green Apples for Dogs can certainly help our loveable, treat eating, home defending, furry and friendly family members stay away from the vet, as-long-as our dogs remain on a healthy dog diet with necessary daily dog nutrition and don’t rely on green apples for dogs alone.

What I have learned about Red and Green Apples for Dogs:

Here’s what I’ve learned about green apples for dogs and Red Apples for Dogs too! Now I am no expert but I did get this super awesome apple. As it turns out, it is! Red and Green Apples for dogs are a terrifically healthy, and affordable dog treat having a low calorie count per serving too!

Green Apples for dogs are a good source of vitamins A, and C. Removing the core and the seeds always, green apples for dogs in correct proportion, are fantastic in providing low protein, high fiber antioxidant filled dog treats. I don’t know about you, but I believe that is pretty dog-gone-awesome!

As a Green Apple for dogs bonus, they can also help keep your dog’s teeth healthy white and clean. And in my dog book, fresher breath by any means when it comes to my dog’s breath, is a dog treat for humans to eat up as a good habit to keep.

Apple Sense

Removing the core and the seeds prior to feeding and treating your dogs green apples (and red apples) is a must. Never let your dog eat the seeds or feast on the core. There are lethal carcinogens with in the apple seeds which can cause cancer in dogs. Just know that, and be careful, I give my Maltese at least two or three green apples a week in various treats for training, snacking, and behavioral improvement approval

Green Apples for Dogs a Recipe Dog Treat Splendor

Cinnamon Apple Bones

1 green apple large
1/4-cup honey
½-cup of room temp water
½ -teaspoon of cinnamon
1-cup of smooth, fine grain oatmeal
1-1/2 cups whole-wheat flour (or substitute coconut flour)
Some of that homemade Peanut butter for dogs to add some extra taste (optional of course)


— Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
— Chop your apple into fine pieces (or use apple sauce).
— Combine all of the ingredients together, leaving the flour out for now.
— Gradually fold in the flour until your dough is stiff enough to roll out.
— Use a bone shaped cookie cutter, or simply drop the dough in circles and flatten.
— Bake 30 minutes, then lightly spread peanut butter over your treats
— Cook additional 30 minutes, let cool. Peanut butter will harden to make a nice, tasty frosting.

Now where to put, where to put?

Okay, so once your mix is cooled down, next step is to store your dog treats on the counter if you plan to use them in a couple of days, or in the fridge/freezer if for a longer period.

Homemade Apple Sauce Cubes

Apples (how many you use depends on how many apple sauce cubes you’d like to make)
and Cinnamon*

— Core and peel apples then cut them into chunks; You can leave the skin. Its nutritious, but optional.
— Put the apples into your blender. Try to keep some pulp-action.
— Mix everything up altogether now, add your water as needed in order to bring it to a consistency of apple juice.
— Add a dash of cinnamon if you like to! If your dog likes – that is.*
— Store your unused apple sauce in an ice cube tray for treating, and or in freezer bags for future treaiting

* Note: Please Do not substitute nutmeg for cinnamon. Nutmeg can be harmful to dogs.