Basenji Dogs are a pretty interesting dog breed. Did you know that they don’t bark? (Awe, no “woof-woof”?) imagine my neighbors delight had I gotten one of these Lil-fellas, huh? They don’t yelp either. No bark, no yelp, just YODEL! They yodel. Basenji dogs yodel their hearts out. Maybe they think its a bark, but who are they kidding, its a yodel right?

The dog is a breed of hunting dog mostly classified in the hound group, and more precisely to the Sighthound class Sighthounds hunt by speed and sight as well as scent. They have similar traits to many Pariah dogs. Instead of barking, this unique and wonderful hunter sounds of with a grand old yodel as if from the Swiss Apps himself. The Yodeling sound is affected by a differently shaped larynx.  The yodel is commonly called a Barroo while giving the dog the moniker of the “barkless dog”.

Along with other Pariah, this yodeler pup come into heat once a year, whereas other dogs may come available two or more time to conceive. They don’t have a distinct smell, and are likely to howl, yodel or barroo instead of barking, as well as make other noises uncommon in most other breeds of domesticated dogs. It is suggested this is because that the barkers must have been breed out because it could compromise the whereabouts of their owner’s camp inside forests of great density.

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Basenji is Getting Ready to Yodel - A Hee Who?

Basenji is Getting Ready to Yodel – A Hee Who?

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