Dog Bedding

Dog Bedding

Dog Bedding Concerns for your brand new puppy. At six to eight weeks of age puppies do not require a lavish dog bed, a thick comfortable blanket will suffice. Whether on the floor or in the crate a comfortable blanket provides enough cushion and is easy to wash. Puppies spend a lot of time in their crates so choosing comfy easy to clean bedding is necessary.

Soon after housetraining, they will require something plush. Dog owners will find a myriad of fabrics, stuffing, and styles that will accommodate any dog and if desired add a touch of style to your home. Eco conscious puppy owners will find sustainable fabrics and stuffing. Also available are odor control, pest control, removable/washable covers, in many shapes and sizes.

Beware that your puppy is not chewing on his bedding, and if the stuffing comes out, remove the bed and substitute a blanket until you have corrected the behavior and your puppy is no longer chewing on their bed. If ingested your puppy could become ill from the stuffing.

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Dog Bedding

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