Dog Adoption Dog Rescue

Dog Adoption Dog Rescue

Dog Adoption Dog Rescue:  Some dogs have safe homes, plenty of food with great nutrition, a green-grassy yard to play in, two walks a day, obedience training, lots of attention, daily exercise, and swift-open-windowed-car-rides with their tongue and hears flapping away at least a few times a week. They of course need not be concerned with having to go through the horrific preempting events that lead to dog adoption or dog rescue.

Those are the happy dogs. The kind of dogs that will do ANYTHING for their owners and family members as well. The kind of dog that offers relentless love and companionship and infinitesimal forgiveness if mistakenly his tail has been smashed by the giant foot that is ours. For these dogs need not Dog Adoption, dog rescue nor a flier on every pole in the neighborhood because its owners neglected to take the time it take to properly train and care for them.


Help! Please Adopt Me, I will Obey, I Promise...

Rescue Me Adopt Me – Please. I Promise I will Always Listen, Behave and Love You. Please Come Get me I am :Lonely, Scared and Very Hungry for Food and Your Love, Care and Affection.

As you can see however, there are those most sad, most unfortunate dogs that have been either refused of love and care and totally neglected, or abused and forgotten to then find a hole they must rot in. These are the dogs with the most love to give, the less love to take, and the largest hearts waiting in their unfortunate wake.  Dog adoption and Dog Rescue is our key number one solution to save these dogs. Below are the links to save a life. First yours, and then theirs. All it takes is one click.

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UK Kennel Club Breed Rescue Center

UK Public Services Find a Rescue Dog | Adopt a Dog

New Puppy Protocols

Learn More about New Puppy Protocols: Go here NEW PUPPY




Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog – How To Become the Alpha

Why it is Absolutely Necessary To Be Alpha Dog with Your Dog

The Positive Difference

And The Disastrous Outcome When You Don’t

Alpha Dog – Learn More!

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Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog


UK Kennel Club Breed Rescue Center

UK Public Services Find a Rescue Dog | Adopt a Dog


ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)


ASPC Local Shelters



Dog Stuff Store

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