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Corporate New Dog Times Dog Training Books, Dog Video Dog Times believes and promotes rewards based dog training, and we will always use the most humane training methods. The Pearce family welcomes our readers and thanks them for their patronage through purchasing books, visiting our website, and acquiring training tools, toys, and utilitarian items through our Amazon store and affiliates. Without you, we could not continue to help dogs and their owners.  

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With the help of our customers, our promise is to grow this site and continue to add competent and necessary information about dogs, life, and living alongside our canine friends. It is my intention that visitors, including other trainers will assist in problem solving training issues, dog ailments, and help dog owners get through the low times and together celebrate the high time successes.

We support the kind treatment of all living creatures and strive for the betterment of humankind as a whole. Our family supports all positive agendas for living beings and the entire planet Earth. We only have one planet to sustain us and thus we keep in the forefront of our thoughts that we are all connected.

ASPCA and Humane Society of America, and many local foundations benefit the well-being of animals, check them out and decide if you would like to join and get involved in the cause to improve animal’s lives.

Thank you for being here. Next time however, perhaps you could bring more treats! Kidding. Its my sweet bicuspids barking nonsense again.

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