Dog Crates So Great

Dog Crates So Great!

Dog Crates, Not Cruel – Super Cool

Why Would You Crate Train Your Puppy?

Here’s 5 Reasons Dog Crates Rock Your Dog’s World!

  1. Crate Training is NOT Cruel.  Crates Become Their Happy Place
  2.  1000’s of Years Dogs Have Sought Confined Dens and Shelter
  3.  Giving Your Puppy Its Own Personal Bedroom, Helps to Feel Secure
  4.  Good For You When Your Gone. Dogs Won’t Poop in Their Own Bedroom
  5.  Helps Prevent Separation Anxiety When Your Gone

How to Choose a Dog Crate – And Train to Dog Crate

So there, you see? Dog crates are really quite amazing all around happiness-solution.  Do You Feel Happier About Dog Crate Training Now? (In other words, “Dog Crates” Not Cruel, but Super Cool – of You – to Do! – Cool?

Crate Training your new puppy is awesomely cool of you!  Truly so.  You’ll be boasting about how cool you are to your growing fan-base of puppy leadership admirers, while thanking me from the inside. And I am SUPER COOL about that too. Its -all- about Puppy-Happiness anyway, right?  But the BIG ELEPHANT SHAPED QUESTION HERE IS:

How and Which Dog Crate Do I Need for My New Puppy?

Dog crates So Great, but how and which one do I choose to use? – and – and … Okay, Okay, there-there-now, calm down, I “gotchoo”!  let me find your-happy-place now in finding the happiest place for your new puppy. Read and view the videos, then chose the best crate for your new dog crate puppy happiness situation.

Here’s What All New Dog Owners Need to Know First About Crate Training Their New Puppies.



List of Super Cool and Somewhat Cool Dog Crates

Dog crates for your new happy puppy. Your puppy -should you choose dog crate training, will be spending a great deal of time in their crate so it is important that it is the correct size and of quality construction. Crates are made from many types of materials, such as plastic, steel, and fiberglass, so finding the ideal crate for your home should be an easy task.




Puppies should be able to stand up, Dog Training – Teach Your Puppy to lie down and turn around in the dog crate but not much more. Puppies will need to be crate trained to recognize that their crate is their safe-haven and to relish the time spent in the safety of their crate. If you purchase a larger crate, you can then block the back section making it smaller to fit their size, and then enlarge it as your puppy grows.



Its a good idea to Add something soft and washable for them to sleep on to not only keep your puppy in a dog crate super comfortable, but mentally comfortable as well Make sense?

Dog Crate Cleanliness is important for the TWO of you. Unless its dog poop one appreciates the aroma there of of course:) Doubtfully indeed. Thoroughly clean any messes that occur inside the crate. Try diligently to avoid crate accidents. Your puppy’s crate will be used for sleeping, resting, travel, house-training, and containment when they are unsupervised. The sooner your puppy is comfortable inside their crate, the better it will be for the two of you.

Dog crates for your puppy and adult dogs have an abundant amount of clear and positive benefits. You’ll find your puppy will feel safe inside his or her special domain inside their dog crates.


Go Here to Shop Dog Crates on Amazon

– (yes I’ll admit it, if you do click the link above to shop at Amazon, then actually make a dog crate decision, and purchase one there, its true, this blog will earn a small commission. At least to buy a cup of good strong coffee. So thank you very much for helping me make my dream come true. With Love – Paps the Dog Loving Dog Training Author, he hopes to become great at.

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