Dog Food and Water Bowls

Dog Food and Water Bowls

Dog Food and Water Bowls: Plastic, stainless steel, ceramic and glass are your choices, but stainless steel offers the most durable hygienic choice. Hydration is very important for your puppy, so always have fresh, clean water available for them to drink. Regularly cleaning food bowls keeps harmful bacteria and insects from inhabiting the feeding bowls, so make it a habit to clean your puppy’s bowl after each feeding. Dog Food and Water Bowls.


My bowl’s too low, my bowl’s too high, but my bowl is just- right! You know how in some funny movies, the main dude or dudette will end up at the “children’s table”? Whether and or for whatever situation the lead character has gotten him or herself into to be “stuck-there”it not only a pain in the ass because the seat’s so small, but its also a pain in the neck, fingers, back and so forth due to the ill fitting of typical dining table set-stuff! So besides contending with the kids, that as you know will always have a ball making fun with the mis positioned-adult, and while having to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation all around from the in laws, and onto the unannounced ex who also showed up, all of whom are looking on at you while smirking their turkey meat down as if their entitled royalty in comparison. Always a funny scene right?

My point here: Dog food and water bowls will not embarrass a dog if they are hard to navigate, but they can make eating and drinking dog food and water more difficult and painful than what it needs to be.  Some dog’s in fact  like the Maltese have a collapsing esophagus, while other bigger breeds are super tall, so in both cases as is in al the in between scenarios its wise to select the correct size dog bowl, while situating it at the proper height to optimize your dogs basic needs  in  their most easily receptive and beneficial standards.

Here’s a link to different types of bowls and purposes. Please follow it if you want more information. Dog food and bowls link

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