Dog Grooming Tools

Dog Grooming Tools

Dog Grooming Tools. Grooming dogs is something that has to be performed regularly. All breeds have their individual requirements for brushing and bathing, but every breed needs their teeth brushed, ears cleaned, and nails trimmed on a regular basis. Dogs that don’t get out much onto hard surfaces tend to need their nails trimmed more often. Active dogs walking and running on pavement, concrete, or climbing rocks naturally wear their nails down requiring less frequent trimmings.

When it comes to grooming, the first thing a puppy has to learn is to be handled on all parts of his body. This enables owners to perform regular inspections for critters such as ticks, fleas, rashes and importantly allows puppies to be comfortable with all grooming processes. This prevents injury and contributes to the positive mental health of your puppy. A puppy that fears grooming will never enjoy the process and will become stressed every time they need grooming. Furthermore, a reluctant puppy will be difficult to manage, thus requiring professional grooming services.

Grooming supplies for the coat will depend upon the coat type of your breed. Long and medium length coats require pin brushes, combs, and bristle brushes. Slicker brushes help remove mats and dead hair. Bristle brushes can also be used on smooth coats, and rubber currycombs that smooth and polish coats.

Choosing the Correct Dog Grooming Tools

All dog owners should take some tutorial on how to properly brush and comb their dogs coat without hurting their dog; after all they should enjoy the grooming process. Tips on combing out tangles, knots, mats and brushing with the dog’s hair growth will assist all owners. Grooming a dog regularly helps prevent mats, knots, controls shedding, massages, and distributes natural oils throughout the dogs coat leaving it with a healthy vibrant coat.

  • Brushes – Bristle, wire, pin, and slicker. Additional tools are rubber currycombs, undercoat rakes, shedding combs, mat breakers, de-shedding tools, and shedding blades.
  • Combs – Metal combs with narrow teeth are good for lush medium-coated dogs where the fuzzy undercoat is accessible. Long outer coats usually make it impossible to access with a metal close-toothed comb. Wide toothed combs are useful for combing out tangles and knots in longhaired dogs.
  • Shears – The type of clipper usually varies by coat.
  • Nail clippers – For optimal paw health, your dog’s nails should be kept short. There are special clippers that are needed for nail trimming that are designed to avoid injury. After some tutelage, this is something that can be performed at home. If trimming is begun when they are puppies, they will become accustomed to the procedure, making it easy to perform.
  • Cotton balls for ear cleaning.
  • Ear cleaning solution made specifically for dogs.
  • Scissors for trimming a dogs coat in all areas even between their footpads and around the ears and eyes.
  • Shampoos made specifically for dogs.
  • Styptic powder to stop bleeding in case the dog’s nails are accidently cut too short.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste manufactured specifically for dogs.

Dog Grooming Tools

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