Dog Leashes for Puppies

Dog Leashes for Puppies

Dog Leashes for puppies are a necessity to dog ownership. Collars and leashes are necessary and by law in some places, dogs must be leashed on Dog leashes for puppies. Puppies are small so select a lightweight leash that is about six feet (2 meters) in length. Begin indoors by gradually exposing your puppy to the leash being attached to his collar. This will prepare him for his first outdoor walk.

Dog Leashes

Dog Leases

Puppies adjust rather quickly to wearing collars and leashes, but sometimes they enjoy turning them into chew-toys, so keep a sharp eye out and adjust their behavior so that the only thing that your puppy chews is chew-toys.

The goal is that puppies enjoy their collar and leash. Your new puppy dog should happily remain calm while you put on the collar and leash, showing no fear or unpleasantness towards either. Leashes come in a variety of sizes, materials, lengths. Dog Leashes For Puppies



Dog Leashes for Puppies


Leashes come in many different styles and materials including leather, nylon, metal, cloth, and reflective. When choosing a leash consider its application, the size of your dog, and the settings that you will be using it.

Your basic seven leashes for training and everyday use are standard, check chord; slip lead, retractable, martingale, traffic lead, and chain. Training leashes are slip leads, martingales, check chords, and traffic leads. Rewards based trainers try to avoid leashes that choke dogs.

There are many American state laws that require dogs to be leashed in specific areas, consult your local municipality regarding the laws in the country where you reside.

Standard leashes are those that have a snap to secure it onto a dog’s collar. Typically, they are available in 4’ – 6’ (1.2 – 2m) lengths. These leashes are the standard everyday walking leash for taking your dog around the block or down to the local coffee shop. These shorter and stouter leashes offer better control of your dog.

Slip leads are usually used during training because they offer immediate corrections to be made with a slight pull, or if the dog is pulling, they immediately feel the constriction. Slip leads immediately loosen as soon as the tension is released. Because it is an all in one leash and collar, the need for a collar is eliminated. They are easy to put on and take off.

Scenarios where these are useful are for potentially stressful trips to a location where other dogs will be present, such as the groomer or veterinarian and you need full control of your not-fully-trained dog, competitions.

Check chords are long leads ranging from twenty feet (6m) to any length you desire. These useful leashes are perfect training helpers for teaching obedience commands, retrieving, tracking, fieldwork, and many other sports.

They offer your dog plenty of room to roam around freely, come in a variety of colors, are lightweight, less likely to tangle and easier on your hands than rope.

Retractable leashes are best used once your dog is leash trained and relatively obedient. Otherwise, you will end up with little control of a dog that might be pulling, lunging, or jumping all of which can have negative outcomes.

They are good for low distraction and low stress scenarios where your dog can be allowed extra room to roam safely. They also offer a good leash for transitioning into off-leash work.

Keep in mind that hunting dogs might be too gamey for a retractable. When they spot game, they tend to pursue without thought of being tethered and if your dog is ten feet out, takes off running you are left with little control and it becomes a test of strength. This type of situation can end with injuries such as shoulder, hand, or chord burns from exposed skin rubbed raw.

Martingale leads are similar to slip leads but have a limited tightening range. If you have a strong pulling dog that isn’t fazed by being choked, then this is a better option than a slip leash. Because it is an all in one leash and collar the need for a collar is eliminated.

Traffic lead leashes are short leashes that offer you greater control of difficult to handle dogs or when you need tight control of a dog. The short leash cannot become tangled, thus adding safety. These short leads are also useful for service dogs in harness and in any situation where you need close control of your dog.

Traffic leads can be as short as six inches (15cm) and up to two feet (61cm) although you will see longer leads advertised. The longer they become the less control they offer.

Chain leashes are as the name states and made of metal. They are much more comfortable if they have a leather handle. They are heavy, bulky and if they are 100% metal, uncomfortable in hand. They require being attached to a solidly built collar. One benefit is for dogs that will not stop chewing on their leashes.

Reflective leashes provide additional safety to your nightly walks. After dusk a reflective leash adds visibility from light sources such as car lights. Look for a leash that has reflective coating on both sides so that no matter the position a reflection from light can be seen by approaching drivers or pedestrians.

TIP – Collars are also made with reflective materials, having this type of collar and leash combination for your dog will add extra protection for the both of you when out walking under dim conditions. LED lit harnesses are available, and if you choose, there is nothing harmful about attaching an LED type light to your dog’s collar. All sorts of blinking and beam balls are for sale.

Leash Materials

Leather leashes are more expensive than nylon, but normally hold up against chewing and are long lasting. Leather leashes are more comfortable in hand than many nylon leashes, and do provide slight stretching along with less likelihood of damage occurring to your hand.

Top grain leather leashes are stronger, more durable, and supple than other leathers. Oil tanned leather is another top option due to the process adding flexibility and durability to the leather.

Nylon (synthetic) leashes are less expensive than metal or leather, strong, light, washable, and hold up well in different climates. However, they do not withstand chewing well, do not stretch, and sometimes cause chaffing of hands.

Chain leashes are usually made from steel, are strong, prevent chewing, and provide control of dogs. They are much heavier than leather and nylon, and if a dog does chew on it their teeth can be damaged.

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