Puppy Foods

Puppy Foods

Puppy food that is recommended by your breeder or veterinarian is preferable and should be waiting for your new puppy’s arrival. Use only high quality foods that do not contain bi-products or artificial additives. Puppies require a balanced diet that is packed with calories to fuel their seemingly endless energy, at least when they are not sleeping half of the day. Special foods are made that assist puppies in growing healthy bones, coats and internal organs.

If you are interested, research and consult experts about raw foods and cooked foods diets. Raw food diets provide a healthy alternative or addition to puppy and cooked foods diets. Cooked foods include cooked meats such as chicken, beef, pork, plus raw fruits and vegetables, where raw food diets are exactly that, raw.

Food makers know that puppies require special formulas for their growing bodies and needs, so they incorporate those nutritional requirements into the right blend of fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals contained in their puppy blends.

If you are not sure about which diet to feed your puppy, talk to your breeder or veterinarian. Many breeders are aware of their breed’s specific needs and have valuable information for your specific breed, such as an extra protein or carbohydrate food that they require during puppyhood or as an adult. Never be afraid to ask questions and glean information from the professionals.

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