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Dog Blog for New Dog Times members who either own a dog, have a puppy, want to get a puppy.  For people just like you too who for today for instance may just need important information on how to train your dog, or dog health, diet and nutrition best suited for your new puppy or adult canine friends – alike.

Whatever your needs are today regarding your dog or new puppy in learning and taking care of puppies and dogs, this is your number one dog blog resource ‘bar-none’ which you can attain the information, training, and or dog resources this side of the I-Net.

It’s a Dog Blog alright. You want it – We Fetched it.

Now the “Ball” is in your mouth. So come back here right now and let’s play some more fetch. I’ll put it out there, you can go fetch it and thank me – never. You need not, Just learn and have fun and keep coming back. That’s Thanks enough for this dog owners dog blog.

I realize you may NOT wish to come right back after you fetch our dog balls of information directly. You would prefer to run all around the “Dog Interwebz” before you consider b-lining it back to your favorite dog blog, right here at

Certainly there are other dog blogs to fetch out there SOMEWHERE in the big, dark, dog park online. However, rest assured because I have checked! And none of them out there will feed you with new tasty dog articles, advice and dog training books both free and nominally priced for your convenience. I promise you.  Okay so maybe there’s this one. We’ll talk about that on your next visit here.

Besides, your own dog would never bite the hand that feeds him (or her) EVER when after all you are the one feeding it the good stuff. So sniff around, click around and stick around here with us and we’ll keep me throwing you knew giant dog balls of information to read more, learn more, get more dog stuff right here, on your favorite new dog blog, “NewDogTimes.

Dog Blog Etiquette:

Not to worry, we have none. But how about this for starters? Just love your dog, learn how to treat and take care of your puppies and dogs the best you can, take advantage of our free guides, keep coming back, ask me, ask, answer learn, help, and do super cool things for other dogs, dog owners, and heck even dog blog owners for that matter (eh em) and what else? Oh, hang out as long as you can, comment, and Click On Stuff! (pretty please?)

Thank you very much for visiting us!

This is Paul, and Family of Dog Loving, Training and Advising Enthusiasts – and Your Absolute Favorite New Dog Blog

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