39 Weird Awesome Dog Facts

39 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

Awesome Dog Fact #1

Basenji dogs have an awesome dog fact. Did you know Basenji dogs are not from Switzerland? True, but they Sure Can Yodel like its nobody’s business! Here at NewDogtimes.com, we welcome a good “Yodeler” no matter where from! Bad dog yodelers too darn-it. This handsome Basenji, his name is “Tom” apparently hails from the Congo. That being noted; I wonder if it gives monkeys free or paid-for rides when there’s not enough vine to swing from? I hear traffic can be brutal during feeding hour.

Basenji Dogs - Not From Switzerland, But They Sure Can Yodel

Basenji, “Tom” is my name. I say “Barking is for Non-Yodelers!” Period.

NOTE: Hi READER! and thank you for taking a look. I know I don’t have ALL the Basenji Info you really want written on this page yet. This is going to be a huge post too. 39 different factoids – Imagine it. Also, I have to let you know I’m not trying to trick you into buying a book so I can make a measly $00.50. I SWEAR! However until I finish this post I wanted to offer you more information. You can actually read a lot of the Basenji Bio on this PREVIEW feature Amazon gives you for free. Simply click the preview button below and read it till your heart’s content. To all the Basenji Dog Lovers out there. Thank you for coming buy today and please with no hesitation comment here, or add your Basenji photo right now. Enjoy!

PS. I did begin writing the Basenji Bio page – again not done. But just in case feel free to peruse it and add your comments, photos and wonderful Basenji stuff at anytime. Today for instance 🙂 (wink wink)

Awesome Dog Fact #2

“Poop North Young Pup”

Awesome dog factoid #2 and Cow factoid (apparently) Check it: Did you know that when cows are roaming their pastures too far from home, that when it turns to “stand time” (aka- bedtime for you and me) all of the cows in a herd will at some point stop, feel the vibes, turn to and fro (similar to an old radio knob, with bad reception) in order to face north head first? Then it’s off to la la land until they awake again at the rooster’s crowing. It’s odd to experience especially whence you drive in farmland and see this repeatedly across the county. Eery-Stuff.

Awesome Dog Fact Poop Facing North

Fine. Which Way’s North?

Turns out, they turn for lights out so when they wake up, they will know which way home is. – See? Awesome Cow Fact.  This is a similar in fashion to which dogs prefer to poop. They circle and circle, round and round until WAIT, nope, once more – and – yep, got it – the “northern vibe” I’m now facing it. “It’s time to let it rip” and Voila’ plop goes the feces.

Trouble is though, when they are under those big cross country wires that go for miles and miles between skyscraping metal towers.  They just can’t seem to find their “inner-compass” Could you imagine the wretched nightmares those cows must have facing south?


Awesome Dog Fact #3


Awesome Dog Fact #3

Awesome Dog Fact #4

Awesome Dog Fact #5

Awesome Dog Fact #6

Awesome Dog Fact #7

Awesome Dog Fact #8

39 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts maybe you should know, maybe you shouldn’t know. Check these dog facts out below and by all means (socially speaking) share them with a friend today. We can certainly use the visitors, the referrals, the friends, the camaraderie as a whole, if not in part. And its not a big secret that we are broke bloggers, lovers of dogs, and did i mention we were broke? So, if you learn something here, find it interesting – even boring, please share and share alike.  Thing is, we’re new at this dog shee-yeet. I mean. Dog facts.  Speaking of Dog poop,did you know….(dog fact)

49 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

49 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

49 Weird, Awesome Dog Facts

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Yodel Me This Basenji Dogs

Yodel Me This Basenji Dogs