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Companions for Basenji Dogs – Who Are We?

Companions for Basenji Dogs – Who Are We? Basenji Companions were Founded in April 1997, they are a club devoted to Basenjis pets as well as Basenji-mixed-breeds, and loving pet owners of Basenji dogs. This organization provides a loyal community of love, support and care for Basenjis and their humans.

Two Basenji Dogs Face Off - Am I Really a Blond?

Two Basenji Dogs Face Off – Am I Really a Blond?

They share information about a myriad of Basenji knowledge including but not limited to the challenges of owning, from nurturing, dog training, safety, their history and the love of the Basenji dog.

You’ll find support from Basenji owners and friends, education, and help for Basenjis who have fallen on hard maybe taken a turn for the worst.

Basenji Companions at the time of this article is in fact one of the largest Basenji organizations who are indefinitely dedicated to Basenji owners and Basenji-mixed-breeds on the planet. Members mainly reside in the USA, then as the secondary majority, from Canada, including  several other countries, and of course, from  inside the Congo!

Basenji Companions

More Basenji Companion Links and Information can be found on this page at Wikipedia too. Unless you want to skip the companion stuff and hustle on over to learn a crazy awesome fun cat about the Basenji dog breed, and its fierce bark, then follow me over here and CHECK THIS OUT!

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Basenji Companion Groups

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