21 Crazy German Shepherd Facts

21 Crazy German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Fact #1
Did you know that this German Shepherd Fact? The German Shepherd was nicknamed the acronym “GSD” so it wouldn’t be confused with a shepherd from Germany? What’s next, sliced bread?

German Shepherd Fact #2
Schutzhund” is a sport originating not too-too long ago, back in the 1990s specifically for the GSD. It was designed to test the natural instincts of the dog, while weeding out the less or more complicated dogs to train.

German Shepherd Dog Playing panting_at_NewDogTimes.com

German Shepherds make me smile., just look at that face!

German Shepherd Fact #3
German Shepherds are the second most registered domesticated dogs in the USD after the Golden Retriever. (“Ruffly” about 3.5 million of the wonderfully brilliant protectors are among us today.) Can you say “Awesome”?

German Shepherd Fact #4
Strong heart used to be a dog-star who was showing all fours off in six different movies. You can visit his own Star in fact on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

German Shepherd Fact #5
Chips was a mixed-breed GSD that was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart and the Silver Star for his bravery in WWII.

German Shepherd Fact #6
The first German Shepherd killed in war was named Keiser. He served in Vietnam and died during battle, licking his owners hand.

German Shepherd Fact #7
The 13th Club is a German Shepherd senior club of 12 years and older. Pet parents can join and receive a certificate, as well as find online dog sources and information about the GSD.

German Shepherd Fact #8
250,000 purebred German Shepherds are known domesticated in Germany along with oh, 15,000 brand new happy puppies born annually.

German Shepherd Fact #9
Even though so popular for domestic dog breed lovers, the German Shepherd has only won the Best in Show title at Westminster Dog Show one time in 1987 And that was like when Miami Vice was in its prime! Queue theme song.

German Shepherd Fact #10
The Shepherd Dog is the third most intelligent after the border collie and poodle. Never say never!

German Shepherd Fact #11
Humans (that’s you and me) have about 86 pounds of pressure when we bite down on a juicy steak (or carrot, for those of you who. . .) But a GSD bite has 238 pounds of force! I say, give the dog a bone!

German Shepherd Fact #12
After only five repetitions it is said that these smart pups can learn simple tasks and retain them for life as long as practiced now and again.

German Shepherd Fact #13
These German Shepherd dogs obey their first command about 95 percent of the time.

German Shepherd Fact #14
In Switzerland during the 1920s GSDs were the formal guide dogs.

German Shepherd Fact #15
“Panda” when speaking of the GSD is a known coloration for the doggies. Cute, eh?

German Shepherd Fact #16
Captain was a GSD who was so heartbroken after the death of his owner that for six years he would walk to have a sit by is grave.

German Shepherd Fact #17
Going to the Dogs is a play in the mid 80s. It featured six German Shepherds, who all took dog-drama lessons in of course the city of Amsterdam.

German Shepherd Fact #18
When writing this there were “RUFFLY” 600 million German Shepherd Dog Videos.

German Shepherd Fact #19
A German Shepherd named NEMO served in the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, he took a bullet in the ol’ eyeball. (Ouch) but was still able to attack the enemy giving his handler time to escape.

German Shepherd Fact #19
German Shepherd Rescue Dogs were some of the “first-responders” on the sight of 9/11. They searched for survivors as well as offered and gave comfort to people in need.

German Shepherd Fact #20
Way back in the year 1899, the German Shepherd is considered to be relatively new in the world of canines. The GSD was “founded” by Captain Max Von Stephanitz .

German Shepherd Fact #21
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