19 Human Foods Safe For Dogs

19 Human Foods Safe for Dogs. (See the list of dog meals and dog treats below) Tell me frankly, is Fido both friendly, and finicky? Can you easily take him out, but not to dinner? Poor Fido. Well, regardless of whom, between the two of you is eating what when or where; there’s no question who’s going to be eating better now. Especially once you download one or ALL of these free dog food recipes below.

Super-tasty, nutritiously-delicious, good-for-scooby-snack-a-rooskies, dog food recipes, made from naturally nutritious 19 human foods safe for dogs. These are fun and simple to mix, make, bake,take, then eat together with the family and Fido. Now you can proactively manage, increase, and maintain your dog’s best health and longevity. Click on the list, download one of these free 19 human foods safe for dog recipes now, or read it if you don’t think you need it. 19 Human Foods Safe For Dogs.


19 Human Foods Safe for Dogs – List of Linked Treats

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19 Human Foods Safe for Dogs is updated constantly to offer you the latest highly nutritious, decadently delicious dog and human food recipes, meals and dishes. Newdogtimes.com is a Free Healthy Dog Food Resource online

Take advantage now, because, after all, we did just mention this is your one stop show to ‘retrieve’ all the information, and dog food recipes you’ll need when it comes to feeding your dog fresh, nutritious Human Foods Safe For Dogs!

Certainly when feeding your dog a healthy human food diet along with the 19 human foods safe for dogs listed below, you want to abide by the rule of “Too much of a good thing, is too much”.  Like anything and everything we eat, we need balance. As well, so do our best friends who rely on us to keep that balance at a high performance level.

The idea of giving your dog human foods safe for dogs is to ensure your dog is getting the best food for dogs that have the necessary nutrition it needs, which can’t always be found in even the best of natural dog foods.  Just be smart, keep a good balance of nutritious dog food and human foods for your dog and make sure you both get plenty of exercise on a daily basis. And of course drink that water!


19 Human Foods Safe For Dogs List



dOGS-nUTRITIONOatmeal is a fantastic alternative human food source for grain for dogs that allergic to wheat.And just like us humans, oatmeal can also be beneficial to more mature dogs as it is a great source of fiber. A general set of rules can be followed when feeding your dog oatmeal; Such as to limit the serving sizes, and amount of serving times per week. And be sure to serve the oatmeal fully cooked, and finally never add any sugar or additional flavoring other than its regular food when you mix it.  Please consult your veterinarian before changing your dogs diet or adding any human foods to avoid unnecessary health issues.


2. Apples

There’s not much better in human foods safe for dogs to crunch on than an apples. My dog loves to crunch on apples. There are various vitamins in the skin of a green apple and some red applesGreen Apples For Dogs that can act as good antioxidants for your dog’s health. Apples offer both vitamin C and Vitamin A for your dog. They are a good source of fiber for a dog of any age. A Caution don’t let your dog eat the seeds of the apple OR the core as they are known to contain cyanide. A few won’t be detrimental, so don’t freak out if it happens. Just be cautious and try to avoid the core and seeds.  Check out this APPLE FOOD


Human Foods Safe for Dogs | Green Apples for Dogs


3. Brewers Yeast

Yeast Safe For DogsAfter alcohol is made, what’s left over is ‘Brewers Yeast’. It has a tangy taste that dogs will clamber over. B vitamins can be found in the yeast which is great for the dog’s skin, nails, ears and coat.  Don’t use ‘baking yeast’ as it is altogether different than ‘Brews Yeast’ and can make your dog become ill if eaten.  All you need to do is add a couple of sprinkles on your dog’s food to spice it up. Experiment a few times to test your dogs taste for spice.  See More Dog Food Secrets



4. Eggs

Does your dog need a protein boost? Eggs can help because they protein, selenium and riboflavin in them that is very easily digested. You’ll want to cook yourEggs for Dogs at NewDogTimes.com egg(s) before serving your best buddy, because he or she will actually get more of the proteins needed. Eggs are good for energy and strength and great for training as well.


5. Green Beans

A Lean dog is a happier, more energetic dog. Feeding your dog green beans is a good source of manganese, and vitamins C and K, and is Green Beans are Human Foods Safe for Dogs at NewDogTimes.comalso considered a good source of Fiber.  If you have a lazier dog living ‘A Dog’s Life’ then it’s good to be proactive with your dog’s weight.  Add a steady stream of fresh green beans in your dog’s diet for all the right reasons.


6. Sweet Potatoes

Vitamin C, B-6, manganese, beta carotene and fiber can be found  in sweet potatoes.  Slice them up dehydrated and you’ve just found a great new healthy source for treating your dog.  So next Sweet Potatoes for Dogs Nutrition at Newdogtimes.comtime you are out and about shopping for potatoes, pick up a sweet potatoes and see if you best little buddy takes to them. My bet is that your dog will love them.


7. Pumpkins

A pumpkin is a fantastic source of vitamin A, Fiber and beta carotene.  Trend towards a healthy diet with plenty of fiber and all the pumpkins are human foods safe for dogs at NewDogTimes.comessential vitamins and proteins your dog needs. Pumpkin is one way to help you mix it up a bit. Feed it dried or moist, separate as a treat,or with his favorite bowl. Pumpkins can be a fantastic fun alternative natural food for dogs.


8. Salmon

A great source of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is a fish that helps your dogs immune system, its skin, coat and overall health.  Some dog ownersSalmon for Dogs Human foods safe for dogs at NewDogTimes.com notice an increases resistance to allergies. Be sure to cook the salmon before serving it. You can use salmon oil too. For treats, added flavoring, a whole meal, or added flavoring, salmon is a fantastic source of human foods safe for dogs.





9. Flax Seed

Grounded or in oil form flax seed is a nourishing source of omega 3 fatty acids.  Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in helping your dog maintain good skin and a shiny healthy coat.  Note; you’llHuman Foods Safe For Dogs: “Flax Seed for Dogs” want to serve the flax seed directly after grounding because this type of fatty acid can go turn sour soon after you do. Flax seed is also a wonderful source of fiber your dog or puppy needs.



10. Yogurt

Human Foods Safe for Dogs Yogurt for Dogs

Always a great source for your dog’s calcium and protein, yogurt is another one of our top ten human foods safe for dogs. Pick a fat free yogurt with no added sweeteners, or artificial sugar, color or flavoring. Also check the labels for as many live bacteria as you can to get the greatest in your dogs digestive system.   It’s a great warm day treat served cool and alone or topping off a hearty bowl of your dog’s favorite meal.



11. Potatoes

Serve them hot OR cold, but always cook it first. Your dog will love this potato recipe even if he isn’t an ‘Irish’ Setter (I try) but seriously, potatoes are very simply a great alternative any day of the Human Foods Safe for dogs_Yogurt for Dogs at NewDogTimes.comweek. Plus potatoes for your dog can be purchased locally any time around the year fresh from your local grocer while you are shopping for your other kids (the two legged ones- remember them?) Of course you do! And those delicious potatoes can be in your dog’s bowl, at a very cost effective price for your dog’s nutrition and diet. Potatoes are a great resource for human foods safe for dogs. Here’s a great way to make them even more tastier! Take a look! 


12.Easy Peanut Butter For Dog Recipes

# 1. Homemade Peanut Butter for Dogs

Human Foods Safe for Dogs |13 Peanut Butter for Dog Recipes



13. Cooked Chicken

Human Foods Safe For Dogs

Human Foods Safe For Dogs – Check This OUT!

coming soon!

14. Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

Human foods Safe for Dogs
coming soon!

15. Broccoli

Human Foods Safe for Dogs - Broccoli for Dogs

coming soon!


Human Foods Safe for Dogs - Peanuts for Dogs

coming soon!

17. Cashews

Human Foods Safe for Dogs

coming soon!

18. Almonds

Foods Safe for Dogs - Almonds
coming soon!


19. Sunflower Seeds for Dogs

Human Foods Safe for Dogs__Sunflower-seeds-for-dog-treats_Infographic

Human Foods Safe for Dogs - Almonds for Dogs

coming soon!




Green Apples for Dogs

13 Peanut Butter Recipes for Dogs

19 Human Foods Safe For Dogs


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