Insurance For Dogs

Insurance For Dogs


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Insurance For Dogs – Can I Afford not to Buy It – Really?

In the United States alone, Americans spent $26 Billion Dollars in medical care for their four legged companions.  If that doesn’t seem like much to you, (I am quite envious and do accept stock tips). All kidding aside this is no tail wagging statistic when you compare it with the total amount of cash out of pocket spent on pet care last year alone, which was $53 million dollars. For a round figure, that’s half, close enough.

This means half of your own money spent on your new puppy (cash out of – your- pocket) will be spent on medical care for your dog over its lifetime.  From the beginning when you first pick up your wonderful, happy, lackadaisical, near miracle-like loving-puppy, it’s time to put on the proactive parent hat,  and plan for yoru new dog’s health. From first shots, to your necessary bi-annual check ups, (Ka Ching) to making sure your puppy beings his new life eating a healthy diet with tons of nutrition, gets two daily walks, runs his heart out, plays with you inside and out, proper training, and ongoing expensive  proactive measures like visiting the veterinarian for a myriad of possible life threatening diseases. Ear tics, mytes, infected bites, all of the stuff a dog will encounter..

Dog Insurance, Really?

So How Much Is All The Going To Costs me in Cash?

Answer:  Without having Dog insurance and paying out of pocket,  this can cost you from three to six times more out of pocket in hard earned cash, as apposed to purchasing a very affordable (you choose the deductibles, what’s right for you) Dog Insurance Policy and Plan.  Because its not a matter of IF your dog will become ill. It is when!  Be prepared, be proactive, prolong your dogs healthy lifestyle right now and SAVE multiple dollars and heartache too soon.

Go ahead, check it out, there’s absolutely No OBLIGATION!

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Insurance For Dogs ~ The Only Choice That will Matter. Which Way Depends on You!

Insurance For Dogs


Dog Cancer – One Choice.Stop Dog Cancer

Insurance For Dogs The Only Choice

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