Border Collie Training

Border Collie Training

Here’s How to Train Your Border Collie

Border Collie Training can be tricky at first because often while training your BC he or she will try to outsmart humans, and have been known to do it. As an owner, you need to establish your alpha position early and training should be rather easy once you find out your BC’s motivations. These dogs will not be happy hanging out in the backyard with nothing to do and then lay idly around the house with you while you relax. That is a sure way to bring out barking, bored, and destructive behaviors. As an owner, you should note that if you are not highly active you could encounter some difficulties.

Border Collie Training includes different tasks, games, and exercise are the only way to occupy this intelligent energy filled dog breed. Their herding instinct is deep and it takes some work to curve them away from herding pets, vehicles, children, and anything else that moves. It is a natural condition as much as breathing, and performed by instinct. Mental and physical occupation is necessary to have a happy and healthy dog friend. Your BC might question some of your requests along the way, so be observant, and make it worth their while through treats, praise, games, and play.

Border Collie Ready for Action!

Some vocal training tips that have been shared regarding tone of voice are as follows. For corrections use a lower vocal  tone with a tad of harshness, high pitch tones said quickly tend to speed BC’s up, and lower tones slow them down. If you want to get your Border Collie’s attention speak in a whisper so that he or she has to concentrate on your words. Border Collie dogs can be sensitive to tones so be cautious and consistent with your vocal message. The great thing is that they will catch on and understand. They are also good at reading facial expressions, so be conscious of disappointments when you are training your fresh young puppy. You want the training sessions to be enjoyable and leave your puppy looking forward to learning more, always end your sessions with happy tones and smiles.

This intelligent dog sometimes needs time to ponder and relive their training sessions. If you give your BC time to relax and reflect you will notice the positive result in the next sessions. After training sessions give your dog space to do as he or she pleases. When you discover the joy of training a BC you will be smiling, and in a short time should have an obedient dog.

An effective incentive is to make everything you do seem fun. Always refrain from forcing your puppy to do anything they do not want to do – this includes Border Collie Training activities as well. Highly prized treats are usually a great incentive to do something, and you will find that a fun, pleasant, friendly, happy, vocal tone combined with the treats will be ample reward for good behaviors and command compliance.

New Puppy Stuff for Border Collie Puppies

Gradually begin socializing your new puppy from the time you bring him or her home. Proper early socialization that continues throughout your puppy’s lifetime will provide you with a well-adjusted dog that is able to handle almost any situation in a calm manner. Early, thorough, and continual socialization is important for your Border Collie. You do not want your dog being territorial and wary of strangers, so it is important to expose them early to a variety of situations, animals, people, and places. Socialization benefits you and your dog by providing you both with a peace of mind. With good socialization, you can expose your Border Collie to different situations with the assurance that he or she will look to you for guidance in rules of etiquette for the indoor and outdoor world. Socialization is the foundation for all well-adjusted dogs throughout their lifetimes.

Border Collie Training should always be an enjoyable bonding time between you and your dog. Remember that all dogs are different, and that there is no set time limit for when your dog should learn, understand, and properly obey commands. Always have fun during training, remembering to keep your training sessions short, and stop if either of you are tired or distracted. I always suggest beginning training new tricks or commands in an area of least distraction. I promote starting with rewards based clicker training and ending with vocal and or physical cues for your dog to follow.

Border Collie Training

Border Collie Training in Water Rescue

If you notice any negative behavioral issues with your Border Collie training, and are not quite sure if you are offering your dog the proper socialization and training necessary, do not hesitate to enter your puppy into a puppy kindergarten class to assist you with training and socialization. The time to enroll your puppy is usually around eight to ten weeks of age, and after their first round of shots, although some kindergarten classes will not accept puppies until they are three to four months of age.

Reward good behaviors, but do not reward for being cute, sweet, loveable, or huggable. If you wish to reward your dog, always reward after you issue a command and your dog obeys the command. During your training sessions, be sure to mix it up, add a variety of toys and treats, and do not forget to have fun. Remember to provide them with ample daily exercise to keep them fit, healthy, and to keep behavioral problems at away. Provide consistent structure, firm authority, rule enforcement, love and affection, and you will have one heck of a dog for you and your family.

Border Collie Training

Border Collie Training


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