Puppy Proof Home

Puppy proof home applications can vary. Explained: Puppy proofing your home entails removing all harmful items that a puppy might chew or swallow, unfortunately, that means everything. Puppies love to put anything into their mouths; after all, they are kids learning about the world.

Puppy Proof Home Precautions

To protect your new puppy it will be necessary to elevate electrical cords, remove floor debris, and all other random objects that a puppy can chew, eat, or swallow. Thoroughly inspect your entire house that will be accessible to your puppy. Apply bitter spray to appropriate furniture and fixed objects that require protection. Take extra caution to remove from your puppy’s reach all chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other toxic liquids that might be accessed inside the house.

Baby gates used to puppy proof your home can be used to quarantine areas from your puppy, not Bill Gates baby, but gates that keep babies out of trouble. Avoid any accordion type gating system because they can cause harm to your puppy. Make sure the gates fasten securely and are structurally sound. Stairs and workrooms should be blocked in addition to any other rooms that your new puppy should not be allowed in a puppy proof home.

BEWARE! Puppies will investigate anything new and easily accessible. It is time to change your habits. From the time your puppy is coming home you can no longer walk in and carelessly place anything onto the floor. This includes your backpacks, groceries, clothes, briefcases, containers, handbags, leashes, collars, plastic or paper bags, and all other objects or clothing that you normally toss carefree onto the floor. Your home is a landscape that needs to remain puppy proof, so train your mind to be puppy proof. Anything accidently dropped or spilled must be immediately retrieved or cleaned from the floor.

Remember too, puppies need to bump around a bit, trip, fall off a step, and eat your slippers if he’s quick enough!  We suggest that you can allow for some ‘natural leniency room’ when you go to Puppy Proof Home.

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