Puppy Teething Solutions

Puppy Teething

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Puppy Teething Information for you the New Puppy Parent. Puppy teeth are particularly sharp and erupt from the gums in the jaw in a predictable timeline, referred to as puppy teething. Practically with no exception, like a lot of human babies, puppies are born without teeth. Milk teeth begin to appear when your puppy turns the ripe young age of just three weeks. When your puppy becomes six to eight weeks young, your new cute happy loveable puppy will have a full set of 28 baby teeth. Now when your puppy is teething, poor thing, he or she may target all kinds of weird or unlikely teething relief tools.

Puppy Teething Chew Toys

Personally when I come to think of it, in all my recollection, years of training, owning, caring and loving 1000 puppies if not tent times that, I have never been surprised with when a new puppy either finds something and then I hear her gnawing away on my boots, or when she shows up with some new unexpected object to teeth and gnaw and chew to relieve the discomfort she surely will. Of course, my only worry would be as a new puppy owner that if your puppy teething days never come to path. Puppies and Dogs alike are here to Chew Stuff after all – I mean ever take a close look at your dog’s Choppers? I say Chew Away Francis, Their only My Pant-ses)

Puppy Teething Solutions

A puppy’s age can be estimated by which teeth have erupted. While it can vary somewhat between breeds, here is the progression you can expect as your puppy develops new teeth:

The new puppy’s incisors are the first to appear at about two to three weeks of age. Puppies have six incisors on both the top and bottom jaw at the front of the mouth.
Four needle-like canines appear at age four weeks and frame the incisors, one on each side, top and bottom.


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